Sunday, October 29, 2017

Historic Irvington Halloween Festival

It was certainly colder than a Witches Calderon in the middle of January at the 71rst Historic Irvington Halloween Festival but for the surprisingly large crowd of intrepid Halloweeners who ventured out to enjoy the festivities, the festival once again delivered its share of delightful ghouls, goblins, and monsters!

Circle City Ghost Busters even made an appearance to keep those more unruly spirits in check!

This is the first time since the founding of Fountain Square USA that we have not been a vendor at this event, but it was nice to just go as a spectator this year!  We showed up about 3pm & It appeared that a number of vendors could not stand the uncomfortable temperature, to them I say toe warmers, hand warmers & dress in layers! Fountain Square USA offers great deals on custom printed hoodies that can sport your brand! :) To those hardy individuals that gutted it out, way to show some grit!!

So, some things that I personally really enjoyed besides the crowd, were, of course, the vendors & artists. We enjoyed a great conversation with the rep at the Indy Star booth, where they were offering an insane deal on the Sunday Star! Only $15 for the year that included digital and a free gift from a wide selection on their display table!  You could make that up on coupons alone in just 15 weeks!  Crazy, I know!

The Circle City Ghost Busters  were offering free pictures with their hardworking crew and the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man !  Plus a chance to win some sweet swag on their wheel of fortune!

10 Johnson Ave was very busy indeed, offering a welcome warm respite from the chill and a wide array of wonderfully delicious hot beverages plus a great selection of sweet and savory treats!
If you have not had the pleasure of visiting this establishment, I highly recommend that you change that ASAP!  Featured artists included Indianapolis NUVO's 2017 3D Artist of the Year CS Stanley and Angela Edwards who I had the pleasure of meeting for the first time and learning a bunch about her handcrafted wearable works of art and her plethora of original art, designs and illustrations !  Do yourself a favor and check out both of these artists at your first opportunity!

CS Stanley will be doing a live painting of a guitar on stage at the Smile Empty Soul Show at the Rock 985 Lounge in Kokomo starting at 7pm Thursday, Nov 9! Well worth the trip on a Thursday Night! Get details and tickets here!

Follow Angela Edwards on Instagram to see the hip art she is producing and to catch her next show!

No Historic Irvington Halloween Festival would be complete without the witches dance and Parade!  Wish I would have got a vid of that but sadly my brain must have been numb from the cold.

After a full day of Halloween the fun was not over as the Irvington Halloween Afterparty at Playground Productions Studio where Fountain Square USA artist Kasey May had some fantastic fantasy art on display! Like and follow her on Facebook to find out where you can catch her next


A great event and hopefully we will be back in it for 2018!  Don't miss it!

Sunday, September 10, 2017

CS Stanley - rapidly becoming an icon for Indy!

Indianapolis native CS Stanley is an unassuming individual that packs a whole truckload of talent into his clever visuals.

CS has attracted national and international attention with his art being featured on the pages of USA Today & internationally shown in the UK along side the likes of world famous street artist icon Banksy at Dismaland.

He has made his name in the aerosol and stencil world but his talents go way beyond that with is recent launch of Counterstrike Toys he has launched into a brand new world of hand made, individually designed toys and collectables ranging from classic CS designed clocks to what may arguably be the most unique fidget spinners in the world.

His far ranging talents are leveraged in the clever.  His trademark City Heart featuring his home town Indianapolis city skyline is rapidly becoming a favorite!

Check out more of CS Stanley work today at find out where you can see his work live
  and get some of his original art while it is still affordable!

Watch him paint live and work his magic on a Kurt Cobain themed guitar here!

We met CS Stanley as a result of his charitable work that he has done for an annual benefit for the JDRF and are thrilled that he has become such a tremendous talent and advocate for us here at Fountain Square USA!

Join us in supporting the arts and artist!

gside the likes of street art icon

Monday, September 4, 2017

New Stuff from our newest Artist

Even though we do custom screen printing to help pay the bills here at Fountain Square USA, our primary focus is supporting the arts by giving artists a venue to gain following and earn some cash from all the hard work that they have already done.

That said we scour the land looking for artists who would fit with our label.

We recently signed Henna Artist Joey Bauchle and released her first design titled "Koi"
 Be on the lookout for more of Joey's awesome Henna designs on fabric and like her Facebook page at
to find out where you can meet her and have some Henna of your own!

If you want a Koi of your own drop in on the Fountain Square USA product page

More artists and local happenings to come!

See you next time!

Thursday, September 8, 2016

In the Beginning - Fountain Square USA

Welcome to the Fountain Square USA Blog!

This is our first post, but we have a lot of exciting things to discuss that relate to Art Culture, plus how and why we love to promote art and the people who produce it!

First of all a little bit about FS USA!
We are an apparel and screen printing business that supports the arts in all of their forms, but specifically started to offer a lower entry level price point to allow art culture followers to become collectors no matter what their budget!

Follow us if you want to get information and reviews of
  • -Galleries
  • -Art Shows
  • -Open Studios
  • -Live Music performance
  • -New Albums and Songs
  • -Fountain Square USA designs
  • -Apparel information
  • -Etc...
We are identifying musical art, music, visual art and more as art.

Art comes to us in a lot of forms/media and requires a tremendous amount of creativity and effort.
This is something that I want to stress as part of the whole "Art Culture" thing. 

Remember that Artists come in many different forms and use very diverse types of media, so come along for the ride and I welcome all of my readers comments and suggestions!

Let's have some fun with this and I believe that we will all profit tremendously as a result!

Cheers from the #CraftBeer crew at FSUSA!

(Managing Partner - Fountain Square USA)